Orico WEB credit is available


Now, ORICO Web Credit is available to pay for our official online store.

Don’t need usual credit card and it’s available for all persons by easy applications.

No caheges and commitments fees to purchaser regardless of how many numbers of installments.

※Conditions to use※
Please note that you can chose this payment method only if you buy more than 30,000JPY and the payment per month is more than 3,000JPY.

~Flow to use~

  1. Purchase via our online store.  Choose Orice web credit as payment method.
  2. Input requirements.(Information of customers and delivery address, designate date and hour if you’d like, survey and so on)
  3. Confirm your order.
  4. Receive our autoreply email.
  5. Receive email to notify the installments payment.
  6. Apply for web credit.
  7. Credit examination. Please informed that there may be phone call to you in some cases of credit examination.
  8. Examination has been completed.
  9. Receive a notification email of product shipping.
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