The first in Japan! Overwhelming numbers of
LEDs make a different shine from others

Thermo compression specification, which is the same as made-in-Japan genuine tail lights.

Combine the wiring coupler of brake, parker and indicator lights together.

 Stellarfive tail lights use high-luminous LEDs not only for Brake and parker lights but also for indicator and reverse lights. Over 100 LEDs improve its shine and visibility. Also, this premium quality product supports answer back function (key less), which is standard vehicle equipment in Japan now. 

Not only the shine and the exterior, the Stellar Five tail lamp has high quality structure.

Adopting thermo compression specification, which is the same as made-in-Japan genuine tail lights, prevent water leak and hyper-flasher and improve high durability.

Combining the wiring coupler of brake, parker and indicator lights together makes install work easy and reduce failure causes which comes from bad connection. Our quality control and support system is fully prepared. Meet E-mark.


We are very selective about product line.

Pursuing a quality realized systematization of product development, production, quality control, circulation, packing and inspection. Our support system is fully prepared.


Safety inspection and packing system.

We take good care with precious products, and inspect them one by one very carefully, and then ship to users.


Stellar Five LED products meet safety standard and supports answer back function (key less).comply with seculity standards.

Stellarfive LED tail lights meet safety standard and supports answer back function (key less).  Please note that they may not support answer back function if a lighting system is not genuine.


Reverse lights are also premium quality LEDs

We use LEDs in our all products including in reverse lights.


Safety anti‐fog design leads to the clear lens of tail lights.ail lamp lenses are cleared by safe antifog design

The inside of the lens might mist up when the temperature difference between outside and inside of the tail light becomes big. We make vent holes inside of a tail light to adjust inside temperature, moisture and pressure, so fog will be clear after leave as it is for a while.

Warranty: 1 year Please fill in requirements and keep this manual safely. Should you have any questions about the product and the warranty, please kindly contact your dealer.


Stellar five ●Email ; info-mail@stellarfive.jp. ●Inquiries from Web http://www.stellarfive.jp/

■Warranty coverage

■Breakdown within 1 year from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace after our verification, free of charge.

■This warranty covers only product body, but not covers accessories.

■We do not take any responsibility for any damage arising from the breakdown or using of the product   irrespective of directly or indirectly.

■The product may not be returned nor replaced except faulty products.

■We replace the faulty product with a new one only if you notify us the fault within 1 week of arrival to you and we recognize the fault under the condition that there are all accessories as they are which are in when you bought.

■If you send the product by your own judgment without notification to us, and if we can’t recognize the fault or recognize as within the product’s specification, we may charge you for the shipping and inspection fee.

■Warranty disclusions
This warranty doesn’t apply to any costs, repairs, or services for the following:■The fault of the exterior after installing.

■When there is no submission of the warranty and when found omission or falsification in the warranty.

■Any accident or damage including water leaks and lighting failure whatsoever arising from the defective vehicle or the use of this product not in conformity with the instruction in this manual.

■Any accident or damage results from improper shipping and using like dropping or shocking

■Any accident or damage arising from disaster such as fire, earthquake, flood and a stroke of lightning, abnormal voltage and a car accident.

■Any accident or damage arising from goods or accessories you installed in your originally.

■Any accident or damage arising from your intention or gross negligence.

■The case you have parts-replacement, repair, adjustment, modification or alteration by anyone other than us or our authorized agencies.

■This warranty is only given to the original purchaser of this product.

■We have no responsibility for your lost profits or damage, economically, temporally or mentally, result from failure or malfunction of this product except in the case which are arising from an intentional act or the gross negligence of us. In addition, even if we have a responsibility, we do not compensate over the price of this products you purchased except in the case the damage is serious injury.

This warranty is only valid in Japan.


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