Japan’s first! Overwhelming number of
LEDs make a brilliant difference
The same as the domestic genuine tail lens
Thermo-compression bonding specification!
Easy Installation!
Unify the wiring coupler
The Stellar Five tail lamp has super luminous LEDs. They are also in the break light, turn signals, and back-up lamps! The lamp has more than 100 LEDs to improve shine and visability. Also responds to the remote key fob the same as standard equipment.
Not only shine and style, the Stellar Five tail lamp has quality structure. We use the same thermal compression bonding method as genuine domestic tail lenses to prevent water leakage and improve durability.
The tail lamp, brake light and turn signal use a single integranted coupler. The single coupler makes installation easier and prevents failure from poor contact. Also quality management and after-sale follow up are thorough. They Conform to E-mark seculity standards to send the correct display.


Commitment of production line
As a result of the pursuit of quality, Stellar Five has developed a system of product development, production, quality control, distribution, packaking, and inspection. We have established a system so thorough that everyone is able to use our products with confidence.


Inspection and packing system of security
It is important to handle an important item. Our products are carefully checked prior to shipping. Stellar Five sticking packaging materials prevent accidents during the delivery just in case.


Stellar Five LED products comply with seculity standards.
They respond to keyless entry.
Our products conform to security standards and keyless response is supported. However, if the lighting system is not genuine it may not correspond. Please be careful.


Back-up lamps are also premium quality LEDs
We use all LEDs in back-up lamps too.


Tail lamp lenses are cleared by safe antifog design
Cloudiness may rarely occur in tail lamps when there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lens. So we provide a vent to adjust the air pressure to clear up cloudiness.

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
On top of the fill in the required information, please keep in a safe place. Inquiries about the product or warranty, please contact us or the following.


Stellar five ●TEL.0120-957-500 (10:00〜18:00)※Excluding public holidays and our designated holidaysInquiries from Web http://www.stellarfive.jp/

■With respect to product warranty
In the unlikely event that product from the purchase of the product within a year has failed, it will be after the failure diagnosis by our company, the repair / replacement product support free of charge. Subject to the part of the guarantee is only product body, attached goods, we will consider it as excluded.
Damage caused by failure or use of this product, regardless of the direct and indirect, because we can not assume any responsibility, Please note.
The product you purchased, as long as the product itself is not bad, can not be returned or exchanged.
From the date on which the product arrived within a week to customers, in the case that an application for initial failure from the customer to our company, and yet replaced with a normal product or new only as initial defective If our side certification has been made I will. In that case, the packaging at the time of purchase, the box will be it is a condition that all accessories are included all of such guarantee.
Please contact no to us, get in If the case had you send the product by the customer’s decision not seen the reproducibility of the symptoms, and if it is determined that within the range of product specifications, be charged a shipping and diagnostic fee If there is a Please note.

Even within the warranty period, the following cases will be covered by the warranty.
If there is no written guarantee of your presentation, or omissions, if the falsification was observed.

・Inadequacy of the vehicle or the like, failure or damage, water leaks, including the lighting failure caused by the method of use contrary to the use of methods and precautions.

Transportation, fall and impact, such as, failure or damage which is handling caused by improper.
Natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, abnormal voltage, failure or damage caused by such as an automobile accident.
Customers has occurred due to the own mounting have been parts and accessories failure or damage.
Failure or damage caused by your willful or gross negligence.
Our company or, if subjected to parts replacement, repair, adjustment and modification of this product in non-dealer of our specification.
If you have acquired a product by the transfer.
Any lost profits that may arise out of the product of the failure or malfunction you have suffered by the damage (economic, temporal and spiritual), regarding the damage, except in the case where there is intent or gross negligence on the part of our , please understand that it can not guarantee resolution. In addition, even if the company is responsible, except in the case of serious personal injury, it does not assume responsibility beyond the prices of our products you have purchased.
This warranty content is valid only in Japan

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